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Any Member that has a regular share balance of at least $10.00 is eligible to open a share draft with the credit union (note: must be adult member over 16 years old or may be account owner 15 years or younger with an adult joint account owner). A share draft application must be completed along with your initial deposit. The deposit must be enough to cover the first share draft order. The member will be charged the price of draft orders (plus shipping). Cost will depend on the share draft style ordered. Once your share draft order is processed, you should receive your share drafts within 10 to 14 days. A monthly statement will be sent to members with a share draft account.

There is no requirement to maintain a minimum balance in share draft account.

The following charges apply to all account holders. Fee Schedule Effective February 1, 2024.

NSF Overdraw on Debit$35.00
NSF Member Draft $40.00
NSF ACH$40.00
NSF – Checks Deposited$40.00
Replacement Debit/ATM/Credit Card* $30.00
Stop Payment – Member Draft$30.00
Stop Payment – Bill Pay $30.00
Stop Payment – ACH$30.00
Stop Payment – Credit Union Check$30.00
Member Draft Copy $20.00
Account Balancing $20.00/hour
Account Printout2 Pages Free; $1.00/page thereafter
Statement Copy $5.00
Certified Check  $5.00
Money Order  $5.00
CU drafts from checking$5.00/draft
CU drafts from Share Saving1 Free/month; $5.00 each thereafter unless payable to the member
One-time Membership Fee$2.00
Notary Service$1.00
Escheat Fee$50.00
Dormant Account (inactive for 1 year)$5.00/month
Excessive Balance w/ no loans (over $100,000)$5.00/month
Mailed Paper Statements$1.00/statement
Rush Delivery (Debit/ATM/Credit Cards)$25.00
Returned Mail/Bad Address$2.00/item
*If Debit Card is stolen, provide a copy of police report for fee to be waved.
NSF The CU has automatic transfer from the share savings, under the same account number to the share draft if the funds are available and are needed to cover a draft. There is no charge for this service. Should funds be unavailable, the particular share draft which has caused your share draft account to go negative will be returned and a fee of $40.00 per draft will be charged to your share draft account.
The CU reserves the right to close your share draft account if you have 6 overdrafts within a 12 month period and /or the credit union feels you are abusing your share draft privileges. The member is obligated under these circumstances to return all unused drafts to the CU for destruction.
The member is expected to exercise extreme care in using the share draft program. If drafts are lost or stolen, the member should notify the credit union immediately and “stop payment” on the missing drafts.
The member is expected to maintain an accurate record of his or her transactions and to reconcile his or her statements in a timely manner. Any discrepancies must be reported to the credit union within 60 days from the date the statement was mailed.