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Our strategic savings accounts encourage good saving habits for all our members, young and old.

Regular Share Savings Account

Your membership begins with a Regular Share Savings Account. This is your foundation account and is a great place for your emergency fund or savings for that special purchase. Your Share Savings Account will also be used as a backup account should you overdraw your Checking Account. Members 18 years and older are required to maintain a minimum balance of $10 in a Share Savings Account, with balances of $50 and more earning dividends.

ATM Card

Request an ATM Card for cash withdrawals at any ATM from your savings account, and never pay a fee to your credit union. Just remember, some ATM owners may charge you a fee. Check out our ATM locations to find a surcharge-free ATM near you.

Youth Accounts

There’s no age requirement to open a Savings Account at edUFCU! For members under age 18 we just ask that there also be an adult joint account owner. And remember, we waive the fee and deposit requirement for children under 1 year of age and kids adopted within the past year. What’s even better — we’ll make a $5 deposit for the child!

Open your savings account by becoming a edUFCU member.

Club Accounts

Earn higher dividends when you save in a Club Account! Save a little each month and the credit union will automatically transfer the funds to your Savings Account on a specific date each year.

Teacher’s Club Account

Funds disperse each year on August 1. (Anyone may open this account — you don’t have to be a teacher.)

Vacation Club Account

Funds disperse each year on May 1. (A great income tax club account too!)

Christmas Club Account

Funds disperse each year on November 1.

If you elect to withdraw funds from a Club Account prior to the disbursement date, you will forfeit all dividend earnings and can not use the account again until the next annual cycle. This is a great savings account to use if you need help staying disciplined!

Call (302) 613-5330 to open a Club Account.

You may also visit one of our branch locations to open your account. Save time and complete your application before you visit!